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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

It is the way or the uses of using the information collected about you through website. Please read this policy carefully since it determines the rights you have and the way you can use these rights including the following basic points: -
  1. You have the right to choose to provide your personal information for other Taphaneen website users or for public through placing it the right way in your privacy settings.
  2. You have the right to choose not to receive any unwanted emails from us.
  3. Acceptable use of your information in specific spaces and for specific reasons.
Through the use of the website or any of the offered services through the website you agree to commit with this policy. In case you have any questions about the policy please contact us using the contact details given below at the end of this policy statement.

Information being collected

We will collect and store all the provided information by you in our website. That might include specifically the following data: - public information provided by you such as :
  1. name , gender, birth date, your private profile content including the images, videos , music, links, messages to other Taphaneen website users and else.
  2. Private information: user name, email address, mailing address, mobile phone, settings including the privacy settings, credit card number and finish date.
  3. History: date and time you sent any message or made a search at Taphaneen website.

- Although you are not obliged to provide all the information above but we will not be able to provide all the services the website provide.

Using your private information

We will use your information to do the following:
  1. Manage your account including publishing the information that you desire to publish for the public according to the specified terms in your privacy settings.
  2. Processing information or requests provided by you.
  3. Sending information for you about our products and services through email and/or short text messages.
  4. Make market analysis and general improvements on our website.
  5. Get your reviews and comments on the services we provide.
  6. provide your with the specified advertisements on your profile.
  7. Connect with our contests winners and help on planning for other promotional activity.
  8. Upload your details if accessible on our website to the winners division or other divisions.

Sharing your Information

We will share or disclose your information in the following case:-
  1. after your acceptance.
  2. When enforcing a law, a regulation, a legal procedure or applicable law.
  3. We also share information among the companies in our group
  4. To apply the terms of use.
  5. For technical or security reasons.
  6. For protection on any affected rights, properties, safety or the website, its users or the public as it is requested and stated by the law.
For our agents and subsidiaries to process your information instead of us. We request these parties to agree to process the information according to some directives and with the commitment of this policy and other suitable confidentiality and security measures.

Information collected automatically from your personal computer

Access files / IP addresses. When you visit our website the network server automatically register your IP address. This address is not connected to any of your personal information. We use IP address to help us manage the website and collect demographic information for collection purposes. We may also collect other impersonal information (you can't be identified through them). Like the type of your internet browser which we use to provide more effective services.


When you visit the website we store some information (known as cookies) that is on your computer. Cookies are pieces of information that any website stores on your hard drive and in some occasions gets some information about you. The cookies are created by servers which are not accessible by other servers which mean it can’t be used to track your activity on the network. Passwords and credit card numbers are not stored in cookies. Cookies help you get a better service from our website and help us provide a much suitable service. We use cookies for the following reasons: - when you don’t need to reenter your details each time you visit the website. – To monitor the way our website being used and improve and update our content. You can stop or delete the cookies from your computer in case you wanted that. (browser help or brochure will tell you how to do that ) but some parts of the website count on the use of cookies to run it the right way and it may not run properly in case you set your browser not to accept cookies.

Digital Rights management

You may use the technology of digital rights management to prevent any copy, change or an unauthorized use of the website properties completely or partially. You should notice that annoying programs or programs that ease avoiding or actually avoid digital rights management technology may lead in some jurisdictions to civil or criminal penalties. In case you use digital rights management technology by us this will be integrated with our website and can be downloaded to your computer automatically and updated synchronously with your use and your access to our website and/ or the system and your continuous use and/ or access to our website is agreed by you on this update.

Your friends and contacts invitation

We act as a facilitator to ease sending your invitations to your friends to join our website depending on the names, emails and mobile phone numbers provided by you. In case you or your invited friends need to contact us, please use the feedback below in each page of our website.

Information about products and other services

There are some services available on this website connected with our commercial associates. To provide these services we provide some necessary details about you to our associates. We may send your information about our products and our associate services which we consider might be in your interest from time to time. We inform you about that while collecting that information from the website. Please notice that some services might not be available in case you don’t want to disclose the requested personal information from you. On the other hand and as mentioned above we may transfer your information to some commercial associates or for a third party that is chosen to enable us to send the information that are of your interest, but this is only if you grant us the right to do it. You can cancel your subscription to receive these messages by following the instructions contained in the messages or in our website. While we sometimes provide statistical information (trends, numbers or otherwise) it is provided from our database to others, please be sure that you can’t be identified on the base of these statistical information.

Changes on your details

We aim to maintain your information correct as much as possible. In case you would like to revise or change or delete the details you provided to us please contact us as stated below or you can do it any time through updating your profile.

Public Share

Some of your information is listed name in our website for the public like your name and user including your profile page and in search results. Any information you send or provide for public might become public information and you should always be careful when you determine to disclose your details as part of that information.

Information sharing with applications providers

We allow you to share the information with application providers from the others who may have their own privacy policy regarding the way they use your information. You should revise these policies because we don’t have control over other providers.


Some of your information is listed like your name and user name for the public in our website including your profile page and in search results. Any information you send or provide for public might become public information and you should always be careful when you determine to disclose your details as part of that information.


The deleted or cleared information can remain within backups for 90 days but it will not be available for others.

Connection to other websites

We can’t be responsible for other websites privacy policies and practices even if you access them through links on our website. We advice to check the policy of every website you visit and contact its owner or provider in case you have any concerns or additional questions. In case you access this website from other website we can’t be responsible for the privacy policies and standards of the owners and providers of website and we advice to check the others website policy and contact its owner or provider in case you have any concerns or questions.

Your Information Transfer

Outside your jurisdiction, your information might be stored in a country that has different jurisdiction. As part of the services offered to you through the website, the information you provide might be transferred to other countries that are out of you jurisdiction. For example, that might happen in case one of our servers in a country outside your jurisdiction or in case one of our service providers in a country outside of your jurisdiction. . In case we transfer your information outside your jurisdiction this way we will take procedures to insure the protection of your privacy rights as stated at the privacy policy document. We keep the right to transfer your information in case the ownership of is transferred. In case this change in ownership will lead to a fundamental change in this policy we will inform you in advance.


We may update this document from time to time for legal or organizational reasons or to allow for safe operation of the website. You will be notified with any changes through the email you provided when you registered or any proper advertisement means on the website. The changes take effect on the website after sending a notice from us. In case you don’t agree on any new policy you should not continue to use the website. In case you use the website after the date the changes are applied this will indicate that you agree to commit with the updated policy.


We always revise commitment with this policy document. When we receive formal written complaints, we will contact the complained user regarding his/her concerns. We will cooperate with the proper organizational authorities including local authorities to protect the data to solve any complaints about personal data transfer that can’t be solved between us and any member.