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خداديه للأنتريه بخطوات سهله و بسيطه

خداديه للأنتريه بخطوات سهله و بسيطه.

Pillows measure 15" x 15" (38 x 38 em), with tight fit

Special Stitches

fan = (de, [ch 1, de] twice) in same st half fan= (de, ch 1, de) in same st

Special Technique

Adjustable-ring method-Wrapyarn into a

ring,ensuring that the tail falls behind the working yarn.Grip ring and tail firmly between middle finger and thumb.Insert hook through center of ring,yarn over(with working yarn) and draw up a loop.Work stitches of first round in the ring.After the first round of stitches is worked, pull gently, but firmly,on

tail  to tighten ring.

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92 EGP
Ceramic Orange

..Large Size: H12.5*D13.5cm - Medium

30 EGP
..تعليقه اي

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