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  • How to sell on Taphaneen?

    Register a seller account on Taphaneen. You will need an active email account to complete the registration. After fill the required data, a confirmation email with activation link will be sent to your account. After activating your account setup your shop and upload your products to start sell.

  • What are the shop settings?

    shop settings are the data required to prepare shop to start work. completing this information let your customers' know more about your brand, terms and conditions when visiting your shop page

  • How to add a product?

    From shop menu select " products" then select to upload your photos from your hard disk or import them from facebook fanpage. After finishing uploading the photos complete the required data for each product the click save

  • How to export photos from my facebook fanpage to show them in my shop?

    Log in to your account and from shop menu select "add products". Then select " import photos from facebook. Then select the page from which you want to import from list. All the albums in this page will be listed. select the album you want and click copy, it will copy the photos to your account on taphaneen. Then select the photos you want to show in your shop and complete the required data.

  • How to add my shop to my facebook fanpage?

  • How to buy on taphaneen?

    select the item(s) you want from the shop and add to the cart. then click on the cart to review details and complete order. An email with order details will be sent to your email address.

  • How to cancel sales order?

    Seller is the only one can delete the sales order by send message to support team. Taphaneen team will review the case and delete the order. To avoid any actions against the shop Seller should follow the terms of use rules.

  • What if the product delivered is not comply with ordered specs?

    In case you receive a products that is not comply with the specification mentioned by the seller on the shop, buyer should contact the seller to resolve the problem. In addition, buyer should report the issue to Ttaphaneen team. Our team will contact the seller and if there is any violation for Taphaneen terms of use and polices, the shop activities will be suspended. Buyer should mention this in shop rating to motivate sellers provide better services

  • what are the shop divisions?

    In shop setting you can divide your shop into divisions based on your items type

  • How to report shop?

    Click on " Report shop" in the shop page and write your message to the administrator

  • How to report inappropriate comments?

    Report the inappropriate comments by click on " report comment" and send message to the administrator