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About Us

Taphaneen is the global network for artisan goods of all kinds. We empower people to turn their hobbies into solid business through an easy to use platform where people sell, buy, share and learn everything about handmade jewelry, decorations, fashions, crafts, antiques, vintage clothing, supplies and whatever creative souls crave. We have passion for arts and craftworks; we support designers and artists work and trademark through providing innovative features and new possibilities. Furthermore, we use the development- oriented system to design the website which allows our members to participate in development of the website services through the interaction with our developers and marketers to exchange the suggested ideas, desiring to provide the best services for the members needs.

Taphaneen mission is more than trade…

Our mission is to develop solutions that help the members to face the challenges in developing their businesses and to build their existence over the internet to get their products to buyers everywhere. In Taphaneen we listen to our members to know their needs and focus on finding the basic tools to save time and run profitable commercial businesses. We are grateful for giving us the chance to serve you and commit ourselves to work daily to make your business more successful, our community stronger and our world better. Tell us your opinion
We request your cooperation in developing the community in a constructive manner. Let us know you opinion in the features and the facilities. Share with us your thoughts and suggestions. We will always enjoy and discuss with open minds. Together we will go ahead to improve our society for everybody.

You can contact us using the following contacts
Taphaneen Ecommerce Inc.
D1 Omarat Tiba Bldg 6 Zahraa EL Maadi Cairo
Customer support: You can send all your questions and suggestion to customer support via email.