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Terms of use


Please read the agreement carefully before the use of the website and services of Taphaneen Company. This agreement states the legal terms for using website and all the services Taphaneen Company provides through the website. By using the website in any form the user agrees to commit with this agreement, including additional terms and rules and the policies pointed out here or available through a link on the website or the following links: Privacy Policy – the terms of this agreement are applied on all the users of the website either the user is a seller or a buyer including without limiting the users who are sellers, clients ,merchants and contributors of information, content and other materials or services on the website . The user agrees to commit all the local rules regarding the related behavior and acceptable content. In addition some services provided through the website might be subjected to additional rules and terms issued by Taphaneen website from time to time. Taphaneen website is a place where users who have the website policies applied to them are allowed to provide, sell and buy specific handmade goods for a defined price. Taphaneen website is not a direct party in the treaty between buyers and sellers. According to that, Taphaneen website doesn’t have the control over quality, honesty, accuracy of ethics and safety or legitimacy of any of the aspects of the terms included; Taphaneen website can’t insure that the buyer will complete the treatment. Taphaneen website can’t guarantee the real identity, age and nationality of the user. Depending on that we prefer that the treaty parties communicate directly through the available means on the website. Taphaneen website is not responsible on any content, for example, data, texts, information, names, graphics, images and files published on the website by the users and the full legal responsibility completely falls over the user who published the content.


We might update these terms including the policies of these terms from time to time for operational reasons or other reasons that we consider necessary without prior notice. You will be informed with any changes through the email provided by you when registering or by any proper advertisement mean on the website. The changes are applied to the website after a notice initiated by us. If you don’t agree on the new terms you should not continue using the website. If you continue using the website after the date the changes take effect, your use of the site indicates your agreement to commit to the new terms.


The user is responsible for keeping his password confidential a complete responsibility. Taphaneen website is not responsible for the harm resulted through your failure to keep the confidentiality of your password. You should keep your password confidential and not to disclose it or share it with anybody. In case you knew or suspect that anybody else knows your password you should notify us immediately through our email . In case we had a reason to believe that there is a possible security breach or a misuse of our website we might ask to change your password or we might suspend your account. You should hold the threat responsibility regarding the use of the Internet. .

Account Information

You should keep your account information at all times even a date or a minute including a correct email address. To sell the items listed on Taphaneen website you should provide and maintain valid payment information like your credit card information or valid PayPal account.

Account Transfer

You must not transfer or sell your personal account on Taphaneen website to another party. If the registration was for a company or a business entity then the responsible for registration should have the legal right to register and deal by the name of the company or entity.

Denial of Service

Taphaneen website holds the right to cancel unconfirmed or inactive clients accounts. Taphaneen website has the absolute right to deny providing service to anybody for any reason at any time.

Fees and Services

Joining and establishing a store on Taphaneen website is free for basic seller accounts and buyer accounts. Premium seller accounts will be charged monthly with fixed fees 7.99$. The premium seller is required to renew the subscription monthly to be able to continue use the services. The premium seller’s shop will be blocked if the monthly fees is not paid or delayed. You can’t retrieve the subscription fees after registering as premium seller. The Monthly bill will be listed in the seller’s personal account under the tab “Subscription” and an email notification be sent through email with the monthly bill to the seller’s email. The user should pay the bill within a period of 2 days only from listing of the bill in his/her account. Taphaneen website has the right to suspend or block the account of any user who delays the payment of his due bills in the specified period. All the fees are collected in US Dollars. Taphaneen website has the right to change the Services fees Policy. Taphaneen Website also commits to publish the new policy on the site before it is applied. The policy also can be changed temporarily for promotion purposes. In the case that Taphaneen website closes the account of any user or the user closes his account and don’t pay the due fees for any reason; the user is obliged to pay all the due fees or will be subjected to legal liability.

Seller Obligations

Description: the seller is obliged to provide the products that apply to the specifications and terms of Taphaneen website. You should describe the item accurately and write all terms of sale in your own store at Taphaneen website. The item information should contain the description, graphics, images and other related content.

Store Policy

All sellers must put their own store policies. The policies might include for example shipping or return. The sellers must put reasonable policies and commit to provide the service accordingly. All the store policies must conform to Taphaneen website policies all together. Sellers are the one responsible for maintaining their stores policies. Taphaneen website has the right to ask the seller to change his store policy. Sale Obligation: the seller is obliged to complete all purchases if he activated the store and didn’t close it and should finish the deal with the buyer as fast as he can as long as there is no exceptional circumstances, for example, the buyer failed to fit the sellers terms (such as the payment method), the buyer is obliged to pay for the products he buys. Items prices: the price provided at the item description must be an accurate represent for the sale process. The seller may add shipping fees to cover the cost of packing, wrapping and mailing materials. The seller must not change the price of the item after sale to avoid transaction fees on Taphaneen website. The account owner is responsible for his behavior and the related activities and all the data, texts, information, graphics, images, files, audio, video and items that he display on Taphaneen website. The user activities will be restrained if his content was: - fake, inaccurate, deceptive. - Phishing or includes selling illegal, fake or stolen items. - Violates copyright for a third party, patent and trademarks, trade secrets and other intellectual or property rights or privacy and publicity rights. Violate the website policies. - Obscene or contain adult content. Include description for items and services that are banned by this agreement and the privacy policy. - Promotes for discrimination upon race, gender, religion, nationality, deficit or sexual or age orientations. - Threats or abuses or violates others privacy or interfere with another person use and enjoyment of the website. - Defend or promote or help other illegal claims such as (as an example only) breach of copyright or misuse of computers. - Uses or copies materials protected with copyright law or intellectual property law without permission from the owner. - Breaches in any way any law local, national or international regulation, Illegal or deceptive or has an illegal or deceptive purpose or effect for example and without limitation manufacturing and selling illegal weapons for the purpose of trading with counterfeit goods, stolen products and materials used for theft or unlicensed trade or shares and securities trade or gambling or otherwise. - Transformation or sending any advertising or promotional material without invitation or unlicensed or with any form of similar advertisement materials (undesirable advertisement material). - Knowingly transfer of any data or sending or uploading any material that contain Trojan Horse, Worms, Time-Bombs or keystroke loggers, or spyware, adware or any other harmful programs or any other similar computer cipher that negatively affect the work of any program or computer.

Intellectual property

You own your content. We don’t ask for the property of any content or material you present or provide through the website and the services. Any contents or materials you upload through the website will be considered non-confidential and we have the right to use, copy, distribute, modify and disclose that content for others for any purpose. This license that you give us is not exclusive and completely paid and free of any royalty and subjected to sub-license and global. We will not be responsible in any form on any content or the loss or the harm of any kind resulted of the use or transfer of any content through email or making it available through the website. We will not be responsible (either it was for contract violation or neglect or any responsibility that results or related through the use of our website) for any procedures by us or anyone working for us.

Republish the content

By publishing content through Taphaneen website, it is possible that another website or a third party republish the content. The user agrees not to harm Taphaneen website in any dispute regarding that use.

Member’s Privacy

We will be collecting, processing and using personal data/information in accordance with our privacy policy. It is permissible to store the information collected through the services and process it in the countries of the European Union or other countries that we or our agents has facilities in. By using our service you agree on any transfer of any information outside your country. We are committed to the law regarding protecting your data. The data might include: (a) the information you give in or through the website including the content you upload or provide through the website. (b) Information that is yours which we collect in case you were connected to us. (c) Information about your personal computer even when your proxy server address is available and otherwise. We might process and use the data available about you by the following means:- commitment and respond to legal requests . - protect our rights and our services providers. – provide you with the information or products or services that you request from us or that we might feel is useful for you. – allow you to participate in the interactive features in our website. – inform you with any changes regarding our website.- we can use your data or permit other specific people to use your data regarding information about the goods and services that might interest you. And we can or they can contact you regarding these goods or services through mail, phone, email or short text messages. In case you don’t want to be contacted this way please contact the website on . When closing or canceling your services by you or by us for any reason; we may delete your information permanently from our servers. You are responsible on taking all the necessary procedures to take a backup for your data.

Member’s responsibility

You are totally responsible for all the materials you upload or send through mail or email or that you transfer. You guarantee that the data sent by you through the website or the services either owned by you or you are licensed to use it and your content doesn’t violate the terms of privacy and publicity and intellectual property including copyright law , contracts and other regulations. You also commit and guarantee that you will invite your friends and/or your contacts to join our website through our services by email or short text messages only after you gain their prior agreement.

Delete content or close account

Taphaneen website holds the right to monitor any content or material uploaded through our website to insure your commitment to the terms. We have the right according to our absolute well to do pre- supervision, deny or delete any content or materials that are uploaded, sent through email, transferred or provided in any form through our website. We are permissible to close the user account after 90 days of non-use.

Account stop and registration cancelation

We are permissible to stop or cancel your account immediately regarding our absolute well or in the case you violate any of your commitments regarding these terms.

Applications and Software

In case you obtain an application and/or software through us as a part of our services; you are committed to the terms of use and conditions agreement provided with the application and/or the software.

Compensation and Prosecution

You agree to compensate us and prevent harm from us and from subsidiaries and associated companies and our sub-contractors and other associates and their responsibilities, agents, associates and employees concerned with any loss or commitment or claim or request including without limitation the reasonable expenses of the lawyers which are presented from others because of or as a result of abusing the website or the services and/or resulting from violation of this agreement and/ or any content you send to or through or about our website or services.

Our Commitment

We don’t give any guarantees or warranties regarding the website content. In case we are informed with errors in website materials we will try to correct the errors as soon as possible. In case you violate these terms we will not be responsible for any loss you or others may have as a result. Taphaneen website, other subsidiaries, associated companies, employees, shareholders, or members of board of directors will not be responsible for any damages connected to, direct, punitive, resulted and loss of use, profit and return to you or others as a result of using the website and/or services or any other applications or any other content or materials that are accessed and downloaded from the website.

Others Websites

Our website might contain links to other websites or materials that we don’t control. We are not responsible for any contents or offers or anything else outside our website.

Promotion and sponsorship

The website may contain advertisement and sponsorship sections. The advertisers and sponsors are responsible for guaranteeing any materials provided on the website that are committed with the specific terms and rules. We will not be responsible for you for any error or violation in advertisement and sponsorship materials.


You are responsible exclusively for your interaction with the other users of Taphaneen website or other developers or other third parties that you interact with through the website or the services.

Copyrights and Trademarks

All the programs, contents and website services are reserved by the copyright law for under the law and regulations that protect the copyright and the intellectual property. We and our service providers and associates own the copyright and other intellectual property rights for programs and contents. The actual names of the companies and products listed in these terms might be the trademarks for its specified owners.

Miscellaneous Terms

You are not allowed to transfer any of your rights to another person. We can transfer our rights according to these terms to another company that we reasonably believe that your rights will not be affected. In the case you violate these terms and we chose to ignore this thing we will remain have the right to use our corrective rights and procedures later or in another situation you violate the terms. We will not be responsible for any violation of the terms as a result of out of control reasonable reasons. We will determine the way we decide if there is a violation and we may take the procedure that we consider suitable either direct, temporarily or permanent withdrawal of the right to use our website.